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Based on straightforward creative strategy I write, create and produce brand stories,
360º brand campaigns, brand activations and creative content for brand platforms and social media.

My goal is to help you create a meaningful relationship with your audience based on a
smile and a little less blah blah. I want to make people fall in love with your
brand by cutting through the clutter and aiming for their hearts.

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Some Projects

Levi’s Vintage Clothing ELESCO

Levi’s Vintage Clothing ELESCO

  • Client: Levi's Vintage Clothing
  • Art: Romy Eva Wiese

A tribute to the ELESCO baseball team

Meanwhile: discover the Homerun Label here!


Poster PSD Mockup

LG Night Of Your Life

  • Client: LG
  • Creative: Romy Eva Wiese
  • Video: Vincent Schuttel

WOW the crowd and win the night of your life!”


The Challenge
With the launch of LG’s new flagship device, the LG G3, LG approached to develop an incentive for T-Mobile’s sales staff. The LG G3 device had some pretty innovative USP’s, but LG being a bit of the ‘underdog’ in the mobile market war, this device wasn’t really on top of mind for the sales staff, nor the consumer.

The Night Of Your Life
Create your DJ, convince the producers, the music labels and the crowd, using all the specs of the LG G3,
and we will throw you on the first plane to Ibiza for the night or your life!

We have created a serious game in which the participating sales staff were the heroes of the concept.
T-Mobile’s finest and brightest were sent a physical vinyl record with his or her activation code to join the game.
They crawled into the skin of a young aspiring DJ, trying to make it to the top with the help from the LG G3 specs.

Every week they got chances to WOW! crowds with their DJ skills. By challenging other DJ’s colleagues through knowledge battles and completing weekly gig’s (exams) their knowledge increased and they received a higher place in the ranking. Online and offline components met through sales challenges based on team targets in which they could shine using their gained knowledge.

Not only did sales triple, the DJ-group with the highest ranking won their Night Of Their Lives.

01.0_login 04.0_Dashboard

Sony Showtime

  • Client: Sony
  • Creative: Romy Eva Wiese
  • Art: Melina De Ruijter
  • Video: Vincent Schuttel

“Be Bigger, Bolder, Brighter… It’s SHOWTIME!”

The Challenge
For the introduction of Sony’s new flagship devices: the Sony Z3 & the Sony Z3 compact, Sony approached for an incentive for Dutch retailers to bring this device top-of-mind.

The product was there. With some unique USP’s such as water- and dustproof, a stunning design and high-end specs: we were convinced. All that was left for the audience was to love it as much as we did. So we created a game to win the hearts and minds of the Dutch retailers in a lighthearted and playful way.

Showtime. Create your own Sony star, such as Beyoncé, Michael Jackson or even Spiderman, stay on top and let your celeb shine the brightest! By being multi-talented they can be: bigger, brighter, bolder.

You’re not alone. Throughout the game there were coaches who were inspired by Sony Z3 USP’s, who helped you succeed.

A strategy that includes an offline experience of actually testing the device and triggering the retail specialists to review and compare the device to other smartphones.The kickoff of the incentive was spectacular, a big Sony tour-bus accompanied by Spiderman pulled up at several locations, filled with drinks, bites and music. By including game elements such as USP reviews, weekly exams, sales battles and achievements, the game was a most effective tool to effectively learn while keeping it appealing and fun. Engagement was rewarded, winners of the review challenge got to keep the phone, the user with the highest individual exam score received a brand-new PlayStation 4 and the best selling shop received a spectacular full VIP treatment to a Sony Premiere Night. 



T-Mobile Warchild

T-Mobile Warchild

  • Client: T-Mobile & Warchild
  • Creative: Romy Eva Wiese

Together we make a difference

The Challenge
T-Mobile as being ‘the human brand’, proves herself by activating her employees to raise money for Warchild.
Retail employees could raise money using T-mobile’s loyalty program, where T-Mobile customers could hand in their saved loyalty points. Each point was worth one euro, which T-Mobile would donate to Warchild.

T-Mobile released the weekly stats to her employees in an Excel sheet which they received by e-mail.
This could be sexier.

We created Shoptoppers. An interactive leaderboard where all the T-Mobile shops and region’s were shown.
The winning region manager would make a journey to one of the locations where Warchild is operating to give his or her helping hand.

Through Shoptoppers, T-mobile employees could start a action to raise money themselves,
by selling cupcakes, pizza’s, playing music, or whatever they came up with. Through the website they could ask T-Mobile headquarters directly for help in the resources and media they would need for their charity initiatives.

The goal to raise one million within 40 days was achieved.

01_Dashboard 02_Regiopagina

Yellowmanvan Stay Wild

Yellowmanvan Stay Wild

  • Creatives: Romy Eva Wiese & Vincent Bunjes

Meet our VW transporter, yellowmanvan

Founded and created by a passion for travel and a huge love for the ocean. In the spring of 2014 we bought a sorry looking Volkswagen T4 van. With a very small budget and a lot of imagination we slowly created our gnome-home on wheels. Over the last two years we travelled thousands miles with our big yellow friend, and now we’re bringing him to a higher level through

We are currently building a vanlife community, with a google maps integrated feature where people can find and add their hidden gems for wild camping, and the ‘how-to’ on building and pimpin your own van.

The community will launch this summer 2016, already with 100+ hidden gems spots (and counting) which we received from others throughout our instagram account.
Interested of working together on this as a brand or as a enthusiast? Let me know!





MOOK Pancakes

MOOK Pancakes

  • Client: Mook Amsterdam

Language: Dutch

Amsterdam Newest Pancake Hotspot

MOOK Pancakes is a modern day pancake spot serving the most delicious healthy pancakes,
in combinations you’d never taste before, fresh slowjuices, mimosa’s and hiphop.

Meanwhile: Visit MOOK here!




KPN The Fiber Game

  • Client: KPN
  • Creatives: Alexander Stassen & Romy Eva Wiese
  • Art: Melina De Ruijter
  • Video: Vincent Schuttel

Only you can save The Netherlands from a dysfunctional future


The Challenge
KPN briefed us on finding a way to get sales staff excited about fiber and make it easier to sell. They wanted a solution that would help their sales staff across all channels understand and appreciate fiber, and give it a significant sales-boost.

The Fiber Game
We developed The Fiber Game.
Players were contacted trough a video broadcast by Professor Smit (portrayed by Peer Mascini), calling from a dysfunctional future Netherlands.
Prof. Smit told them the future had gone terribly wrong, due to a lack of fiber networks in the country. It was up to the players to fix that, and save the country from its future downfall. By signing more people to fiber, the future of the country – shown as an illustration of the Dam Palace in Amsterdam – changed from barren and desolate, to thriving and utopian. Each player was given a personal avatar, which they could use to complete tasks in the game and challenge each other to duel in battles.


Winner of the Dutch Game Awards in Serious Gaming





Blink Educatie

  • Client: Blink Uitgevers
  • Creative & Art: Romy Eva Wiese
  • Video: Vincent Schuttel

Prehistory class in a modern way

The Challenge
Blink Education believes in teaching methods which are designed to stimulate the intrinsic motivation.
By giving studente a complete new experience, where study books aren’t leading anymore.

Blink Education approached to, based on their values, create a teaching method for
highschool history class students, subject of matter: the Prehistory.

We created ‘96HRS’. Students of history class needed to help detective Jim by
finding a serialkiller who operated with stone era killingmethods.

96HRS is an interactive movie of five episodes were detective Jim is in desperate
need of help. Students of history class need to help him through his rough path with
the knowledge they gained during each history class.

We also created an interactive evidence wall and crime dossier.
The evidence wall exactly matched with the wall from the videos.
This wall shows all kinds of prehistory resources, originating from four prehistoric corpses.

Each lesson the students conducted an investigation into one of these four corpses.
What kind of life suffered the corpse, their cause of death, and why.
By doing these researches the students encountered underlying values,
motivations and knowledge of the prehistory.

Each lesson the students could find hidden clues, to help detective Jim finding the serialkiller.


Meet Yellowmanvan

Founded and created by a passion for travel and the love for the ocean.
In the spring of 2014 we bought a sorry looking Volkswagen T4 van.
With a very small budget and a lot of imagination
we slowly created our gnome-home on wheels.

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